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The Digital Presence and Public Scholarship Initiative (DPPSI) provides people from across MSU with server space and website capabilities to take charge of their online presence. With a Reclaim Hosting account, you can create a professional portfolio site using WordPress, a website for a collaborative project you are involved in, or a digital archive or book. Or all three. We provide you with the space and human support via training, an optional fellowship program, and on-demand appointments, and you have the freedom to create and share your work with the world.

Begun in 2015-16, DPPSI supports faculty, staff, specialists, and graduate students from across Michigan State University. It is a university-wide endeavor, led by the College of Arts and Letters, bringing together a growing number of partnerships, including with the College of Natural Sciences, College of Education, the Hub, Academic Advancement Network, Communication and Brand Strategy, and University Outreach and Engagement.

How do I get started?

To request an account, fill out the New Account Request form.

For help, check out the FAQ page for details or send us an email.

Consider joining the Digital Fellows, an 8-week long program dedicated to helping your understand and develop your online presence.

What does it cost?

It’s free!

We provide you with a no-cost subdomain (

Custom domain names ( can be purchased for around $12-15/year.

What can I create?

Create a professional portfolio website using WordPress.

Build an interactive digital book using Scalar.

Develop a digital archive with exhibits, maps, and more using Omeka.

And more!

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