Looking for additional assistance on your digital web presence? The College of Arts and Letters offers both The Fellows Program and The Advanced Fellows Program. These programs invite faculty to work on their web presence once a week with assistance from our WordPress pros.

The Fellows Program

The Fellows Program is our introductory course for faculty who want to establish their web presence.

Online presence and public scholarship are ways to enhance your own research and reputation and to make connections with colleagues from across campus and around the world.

In this eight-week long program, you will create (or revise) a professional website for you as a scholar. You will come out of the program with an understanding of what a digital presence is and how to intentionally develop one according to your individual goals. This experience will provide you with resources and collaborators to help evolve and sustain your digital presence into the future.

In addition to ensuring that you leave the Fellowship with something concrete, this program is designed to help you navigate challenging and nuanced questions like: Why should you have a digital presence? Who is interested in my work and scholarship? How can this work be recognized professionally?

The program is open to all faculty and staff. Spring 2020 is the 8th semester that the program has run, led by the College of Arts and Letters in collaboration with several other colleges and units on campus.

Please revisit this page during the beginning of semesters for application links.

The Advanced Fellows Program

Ready to take your digital presence to the next level? During the semester, we’re offering an Advanced Digital Presence Fellows Program. This program is for anyone who has completed the Introductory Fellows Program, or individuals with a strong grasp on their digital presence.

In this eight-week long program, we will work together to continue building your digital presence in a cohort of colleagues, learning and troubleshooting together with the instructors.

If you are looking to refresh your website and are interested in diving deeper into questions about accessibility, utilizing media, and customizing themes, please apply. We will also be focusing one how our practices can enhance our digital presence.

Meeting sessions will include times for discussion and learning, with the majority of the meeting time set aside for hands-on time working on your digital presence.

The program is open to faculty (fixed term and tenure system) and academic specialists.

Please revisit this page during the beginning of semesters for application links.